Course type: Performance

Duration: 6 Days

Delivery method: Classroom

Getting the best performance from salespeople is not a mystical art. Developing highly effective salespeople relies on giving you measurable achievable goals to hit and this includes your personal skills development.

The Foundation to Sales course is unique in that its methodology is immediately understandable and at the same time sufficiently scalable to facilitate the development of your most junior salespeople, right up to your more senior sales executives who might need a little reminder.

Foundation to Sales combines our three most popular sales courses – New Business Development, Sales – Protect Your Margin, and Closing and Managing the Sale – into a single powerful programme. This six-day programme has been designed for sales people that have had little or no sales skills training and will provide the foundation to the sales process through a well thought-out and easy to understand structure.

It provides an opportunity for you to:

  • think about and build on your own good practice
  • introduce and adopt additional skills and behaviours
  • gain increased confidence and competence in your conversations with prospects

The course is delivered over an 18 weeks period to progressively add capability while allowing learning to be embedded back at the sales office. It’s delivered in a highly engaging and interactive way, focused on the specific needs of the participants.

There will be:

  • trainer input and tips, demonstration and discussion
  • individual and small group exercises with facilitated group review of learning
  • group discussion
  • practice sessions in pairs or trios with feedback and coaching


There are no specific pre requisites for this course.

Learning outcomes

New business

  • A clear structure to follow when making new business calls
  • Greater confidence and capability during the initial stages of the call
  • Greater confidence and capability in their questioning techniques and your ability to encourage greater information flow from your clients
  • How to (and the importance of) align your products and services with previously identified needs and wants

Margin Protection

  • Present price in the most effective way
  • Greater confidence and capability when negotiating at the end of the sales process
  • How to confidently handle all the different types of price objections

Closing and Managing the Sale

  • Various approaches to closing
  • What works and what doesn’t in closing
  • A framework to help close the deal after your contact says yes!

What will the course cover?

New business

  • Relationship essentials
  • Agreeing the sales process
  • Planning a new business call
  • Introduction to the call
  • Developing rapport
  • Delivering an ‘Interest Getting’ statement
  • The ‘Time to Talk’ question
  • The motivating question
  • What we need to find out
  • Handling early objections
  • Questioning techniques
  • Continuing the conversation techniques
  • Summarising and conditional closing
  • Presenting and aligning our solution
  • All time top 5 questions

Margin Protection

  • Positively presenting price
  • Negotiation essentials
  • Getting before you give – why and how
  • Minimising ‘Nos’
  • Conditional closing – when and how
  • Handling the price objection
  • The top 7 reasons customers object on price and importantly how to deal with each

Closing and Managing the Sale

  • Understand the closing types
  • What works and what doesn’t in relation to closing in your environment
  • Negotiated closes
  • Trial closes
  • Direct closes
  • How to manage your contact after agreeing to the sale